Solar Pink Pong in Dubai

Posted: March 31, 2014

Assocreation’s new interactive art installation “Solar Pink Pong” will premiere at ISEA2014 in Dubai, UAE (Oct 30 to Nov 4, 2014).

Solar Pink Pong is a street video game, in which a moving sunlight reflection becomes the target and the street’s surface the screen. In this game, a computer controlled color mirror reflects sunlight to the asphalt in the form of a neon pink spot. Through motion sensing technology, pedestrians can interact with the animated circle of sunlight. They can kick it with their feet or hit it with the shadows of their hands. They can volley it back and forth with a partner or bounce it off a boundary such as a curb or road marking. The device that makes this game possible works completely off the grid. It can be mounted on utility poles or building sides.

“Solar Pink Pong is Kick-the-Can for our age, and for all ages. It passes the ancient torch of joyful physical exploration by making video gaming delight visible in our built world.”   Eric S. Rabkin

Solar Pink Pong, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, Sep 12, 2014. Video: Assocreation.