Rolling Shadows in Brazil

Posted: October 11, 2013

Assocreation presented “Rolling Shadows” with the participation of the Brazilian artists Danilo Castro and Fabio Salun as part of INTERCIDADES (July/October 2013) in Joinville, Brazil and Lansing, Michigan, USA.

“INTERCIDADES is an international, itinerant exhibit of contemporary art, curated by Alena Marmo Jahn (Brazil), James L. Lawton (USA) and Jefferson Kielwagen (Brazil) and brought to the public by the Schwanke Museum of Contemporary Art (Joinville, Brazil). The exhibition program is focused on performance, relational art, urban intervention and other contemporary art practices that engage in public participation and active dialogue, and it is presented twice: first in Joinville, Brazil, and then in Lansing, Michigan. All presentations/installations take place in the public, urban space of the cities.”

Rolling Shadows, INTERCIDADES Joinville, Brazil, July, 2013. Video: Carlos Felipe Urquizar.

Rolling Shadows, INTERCIDADES Lansing, Michigan, USA, October, 2013. Video: Assocreation.